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Oct 17, 2012 7:25 AM by Marissa Torres

Breast Cancer awareness: Finding an affordable mammogram

A million women across the US are walking around with Breast Cancer and they don't even know it. It's a scary thought, but just being aware could save your life.

Sandy Weatherly caught it early during a self breast exam two years ago. She says working in the health field helped her catch the cancer early in stage one, so in the end she didn't need chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, Weatherly underwent a bilateral mastectomy that removed both breasts. Ever since, she's remained cancer free and is now using her story to help other women.

According to the American Cancer Society-- in 2011- there were more than 230-thousand new breast cancer cases and nearly 40 thousand deaths attributed to the disease. Experts say early detection through annual exams and mammograms are the best defense.

The advancements in medicine and technology are helping saves lives everyday. Last year, there were 2.6 million breast cancer survivors. Doctors say the first step is paying attention to your body and remember, you're still at risk, even if breast cancer doesn't run in the family.

**This month several agencies are doing reduced rate mammograms and extended hours:

Memorial Hospital is offering $99 mammograms, call 719-444-2273 for an appointment

Penrose-St.Francis Health Services are offering $99 mammograms, call 719-776-8010 to schedule an appointment.

For women without insurance, the Women's Wellness Connection may be able to help.


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