Jan 11, 2013 8:42 PM by Annie Snead

Broncos Game Boosting Local Economy

Broncos-Ravens, the mile high matchup is Saturday in Denver and everyone is getting ready for the big game.

"It helps everything, whether it's sales of jerseys, equipment etc. the bars, everything benefits from the broncos winning," said Stan Wolf, Broncos fan.

Preparations are underway for the playoff game Saturday. Shoppers decked out in orange and blue at King Soopers are buying everything from food to decorations.

"We already have blue and orange flowers in preparation for that so when people come in they won't have any doubt it's a bronco event," said David Conway.
A long time Broncos fan, Conway and his wife are throwing a party. He said the Broncos being in the playoffs not only helps the local economy but the entire state.
"People are coming from all over the United States to watch those games because we don't only have Broncos fans in Colorado, they're literally all over the world," he said.
The general manager at the Borriello Brothers Pizza off 8th street said sales rose 20 percent last weekend and the Broncos weren't even playing; so it's "All Hands on Deck" for Saturday.
"Every time they've done better the next game there's more business. It's almost like there's more and more people following them the better they do and sports tends to drive our business, football especially," said Dustin Schindler.
Schindler said the Super Bowl is their busiest day of the year so business will be booming if the Broncos make it.
"Go Broncos! They're the best team in the world can't wait to see them win tomorrow," added Conway.



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