Jan 9, 2012 7:13 PM by Andy Koen

Broncos success good for business

A good Broncos Party can do more than just raise the spirits of sports fans, it can also give local employers a financial boost to start the year.

At Meadow Muffins Bar and Grill in Old Colorado City, Owner Todd Delahanty says he can almost measure the team's progress in a season by counting what's in the register.

"A good football Saturday or Sunday would be between 75 and 150 people and we hit the higher end of that when the season is good for the Broncos," Delahanty said.

While he and his managers are busy this week preparing for Saturday's match up with the Patriots, Delahanty says the post-season surge in business has been a welcome relief following an unpredictable season.

"Middle of the season when they were doing poorly, our Sunday day business was off by 20-30 percent" Delahanty said.

Food and drink are a must for any celebration and the chef's at Picnic Basket catering are hoping local Broncos fans will leave the cooking to them this weekend.

"I think people are going to get excited and start having more parties and for us as a catering company it's great because that means we can do party food for them," said chef Jenna Hines.

She says Superbowl weekend tends to be one of their busiest and says if the Broncos can keep winning, Hines expects it to get even busier.

"Superbowl is a really good weekend for us and we're hoping that it is this year too, especially if the Broncos are in," Hines said.

The popularity of the Broncos brand is growing. Team apparel is flying off the shelves at Fanzz Sports Apparel at the Citadel Mall.

Manager Derek Jordan opened the store early on Monday to sell a half dozen Tim Tebow T-shirts to dedicated fan Diane Beck.

"I actually took off an hour from work today so I could head to the mall and get a few things I needed, football related," Beck said.

Jordan says customers are spending larger amounts and he's struggling to keep inventory in the store. He sold out of 14 Broncos shirts last week in just a few hours.

"Especially since they won the AFC title and since they're doing decent, they're in the playoffs, it's gonna help," Jordan said.

Football fans across America are watching the Broncos remarkable season unfold. Variety reports that Sunday's game drew a 25.9 rating, the highest rating of any Wildcard game in the past 24 years.


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