Mar 12, 2014 9:09 PM by Greg Dingrando

Car crash into house kills Pueblo man

PUEBLO - A Pueblo man, enjoying the comfort of his own home, is dead and another is injured after a car smashes into their house.

It happened last night on Hollywood Drive on the corner of Ivywood Lane.

Pueblo police said the car was stolen and the man driving it took off running and is still on the loose.

Police said the car landed on top of 46-year-old Johnny Hagerman while he was inside his home.

When the car hit the house neighbors said it made a loud boom, but they never imagined it was from a car hitting a house.

"My wife didn't realize what it was. She thought it was a back fire," said Ken Llewellyn.

They quickly realized it was no back fire. By the time they looked the car hadn't just hit the house, it had gone inside.

"I would say it was probably in more than halfway. They had heck of a time pulling it out," said Llewellyn.

Police scoured the neighborhood looking for the suspect but never found him. Neighbors said they're not nervous about the suspect, they're more worried about something like this happening again.

Llewellyn said speed has always been an issue on their block and this wasn't the first crazy crash. He said the fire hydrant on the corner has been hit multiple times.

He has trees and a fountain in his front yard and he's leaving them there on purpose.

"We talked about removing this part but I guarantee I never will. Not anymore," said Llewellyn.

But he's not thinking about that right now. He said his thoughts are with those across the street, mourning the loss of their loved one.

"Its a shame it happened and I sure don't want to see that happen to any family," said Llewellyn.

The suspect still at large is described as a hispanic man, 5'6, with dark hair wearing dark clothing. He was last seen running from the home. If you know anything call police.




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