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Mar 23, 2014 8:21 PM by Greg Smith

Cargo changing what he does best... his swing

The Rockies are contenders with Carlos Gonzalez, and pretenders without him. The injury plagued All-Star knows he needs to stay on the field this year, and to do it, he's going so far as to change that golden swing of his.

Last season a finger issue nagged him by keeping him off the field, and in the training room, for longer than anyone, except opposing teams, wanted.

So this year he's changing his bat grip to put less stress on his fingers when he swings.

"I was putting too much pressure on my right hand," demonstrated Gonzalez. "You know, just going over the knob, and basically, the finger that's been hurting me, it was almost on that spot, and, you know, that was creating a lot of torque. This year I'm just going a little bit shorter, you know, just doing it this way, and it's been working so far."

He says the new hold doesn't sacrifice power or bat speed. He hit a home run Wednesday with the new hand position.



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