Aug 9, 2011 12:52 AM by John Romero

Cars damaged by asphalt

Robert Gill was out for a drive with his family in his new car Monday morning when he drove through a construction zone on South Academy near Chelton. Crews were out fixing street cracks. Then things started going wrong. "Gravel started flying everywhere." he says.

Fresh gravel along the construction zone came loose. The city isn't sure exactly how it happened but the oil used to seal the asphalt paired with high temperatures may be to blame. "The surface temperatures were extremely hot." explains Allen Peterson, the City of Colorado Springs' Streets Division Manager, "They were over 110 degrees this morning when they started this process. That could be a contributing factor."

Robert immediately went through a car wash. Still some spots remain on his car and his windshield. His tires are covered with hardened asphalt. "It's really hard and rubbery you can tell." he says while pointing to his tires, "It's about an eighth of an inch caked on all the tread right now. It's fully covered in most of the tread and the grooves."

Gill called the city to file a claim... The city tells us they received numerous calls from drivers with the same problem. They tell us they have street sweeps out trying to fix the problem. "I have another crew that's coming in at 10 o'clock this evening and will continue to sweep through the night and in to the morning hours if necessary to get these loose chips up off the surface." says Peterson.

But for Robert his biggest concern isn't about the constructions. It's about his family's safety on the roads. "It worries me a lot because once I get up to 45 mph the car is all over the road. You can't even handle it. I had to pull over earlier today and go very slow all the way back home. It really concerns me about the safety of my kids and my wife." he says.

The city tells us they are looking in to claims from drivers who received car damage while driving on the asphalt. You can call and file a claim at 719-385.5960.



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