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Mar 26, 2013 9:25 AM by Marissa Torres

Cart for special needs kids helps parents

Any parent will tell you, grocery shopping with a child is already tough. Doing it with a child who uses a wheelchair or a walker can make it nearly impossible. Now a new kind of shopping cart made for special needs kids that can make the task much easier.

Moms are masters of multi-tasking -- but when you are the mother of a special needs child -- even the simplest tasks become complex. for heather -- grocery shopping with her daughter sarah is a challenge.

"It was fine when she fit in a typical cart seat but as soon as they outgrow there is nothing for them," says mom Heather Piszar.

Heather has learned that juggling a stroller or wheelchair with a shopping cart doesn't always mesh.

"If you can come to the store when it's empty it's a little easier, but it gets really heavy; the pushing part, the pulling part. Just trying to juggle everything and not crash into walls or signage and not crashing into other customers."

Justin Miller, Vice President of Hiller's markets discovered Caroline's cart -- a grocery cart designed to allow people with special needs to be part of the shopping experience.

"This gave us an opportunity to be able to help customers that have a huge burden through everyday of their life. If we can make that shopping experience better for them then we are absolutely going to do it. That's what this cart does."

The cart has adjustable straps and can hold up to 250 pounds -- accommodating both children and adults. For mothers like Heather -- it's more than just a shopping cart -- it's a sense of normalcy and hopes other retailers will jump on board.

"I was touched to tears... they took a stand to say we're going to support families and caregivers of individuals with disabilities by allowing them to be included in everyday activities which is the crux to inclusion and accessibility."

Caroline's cart is currently at grocery stores in 17 states. 


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