Jun 15, 2011 6:10 PM by Stephanie Collins

Cause of natural gas odor in Northwest Colorado Springs

If you live in the Northwest part of Colorado Springs you may have woken up to the strong smell of natural gas.

Colorado Springs Utilities says it's not a gas leak, the smell is just coming from an excess amount of odorant that was recently added to the system. Natural gas is odorless so they add the rotten egg smell for safety, and this time they just added too much. 

Utilities says that it will take a while now for the extra odorant to get out of the system, and that's just because less of us are using natural gas right now, since it's warmer. If you smell gas in your home, and you're in the Northwest part of the Springs, open the windows and let it air out for a couple hours. Colorado Springs Utilities says if the smell persists give them a call.

A large number of people reported the smell, Utilities says at one point today they had over 800 calls. Some called us and said they were having trouble getting through, Utilities says they'll take a look at their reporting system, "When something like this happens we always look at, is there something we could do to not only ease customers minds and keep them safe, but also enable them to get through more easily, certainly something we'll look at, we do have that capability," says Steve Berry with Colorado Springs Utilities.

If you ever smell natural gas don't hesitate to report it. Call 911 or Colorado Springs Utilities at 719-448-4800.


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