Oct 5, 2009 9:47 PM by Abby Lane

CDOT buys vacant land for Powers expansion

Shirley Starcevich's home backs up to Powers Blvd. She's lived there for 18 years.  "Powers used to be - when I moved in here, it was little more than a dirt road," she said.

Now it's a 6-lane north-south corridor that's scheduled to get even wider. Depending on money, Colo. Dept. of Transportation (CDOT) could start work on expanding Powers as early as the summer of 2010. 

About 350 people received a letter explaining CDOT would be buying vacant and undeveloped land in the area. They may also be buying Starcevich's home and 22 others but that wouldn't happen until 2016.

 "It's not fair but what can I do about it," said Starcevich.

 As it stands now, CDOT says homeowners have to sell. CDOT is buying as much of the vacant land now to stay ahead of developers.  "So...when the time comes, when we do have a project, we don't have to buy a business," said Don Garcia, a CDOT Project Manager.

 As for the homes, CDOT says they can't buy them now.

 "Unfortunately, with the way times are, we just don't have the money to come through and purchase them. We'll try to look for money as the time goes on but right now we just don't have it."

Neighbors say the homes are hard to sell.  They've been discouraged from putting any money into them so they'll continue to wait.

The letter, that was sent in March, also said the Environmental Analysis will be done by the end of the year and will be available for everyone's review.


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