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Apr 9, 2014 12:02 PM by Stephen Bowers

Chain of Islands Has New Addition

The Ogasawara Islands lie in the Pacific Ocean some 620 miles south of Tokyo.

One of the islands, Nishino-shima, recently merged with a newer island to form a larger island nearly 3,300 feet across.

The BBC says the new island formed near Nishino-shima late last year due to volcanic eruptions near the ocean floor. Those eruptions spewed enough material for the new island to rise above the sea floor. In just four months, the newly formed island, named Niijima, merged with the older Nishino-shima. The newest part of the island alone is larger than Nishino-shima, which BBC says has not grown since the 1970's.

The picture above from Japan's Coast Guard shows the island. The black area of the upper part of the island is the new area, while the more vegetated area toward the bottom of the picture is the older Nishino-shima.

According to the BBC, two cones have formed around the main volcanic vents and stand nearly 200 feet above sea level.


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