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Jun 28, 2013 8:49 AM by Stephen Bowers

Changing weather pattern means more rain!

Humidity is increasing, and you may feel a difference outside this morning. We will be warm, too, with temperatures topping out in the 80's and 90's across the area. Many of us have heard the phrase "heat rises" throughout our lives, and that's true. When that hot rising air is full of water vapor (moisture), that water vapor will become clouds and eventually rain as the hot air cools during its ascent. An upslope wind and a weak mid-level low pressure wave will increase the amount of rising motion in the atmosphere so that, with that higher humidity, scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop across the area this afternoon.

The showers will likely begin in the mountains this afternoon and then run away from the mountains to the I-25 corridor by early evening. Where showers begin earlier, temperatures will be cooler. Areas where showers hold off until later will see warmer temperatures. Most of us will warm into the 80's and 90's today. 

The scattered showers and thunderstorms are not limited to today. A weather pattern change will mean cooling temperatures and scattered showers and thunderstorms for the better part of the next week. There's no particular day when everyone will see the rain, but have the umbrella handy because you could need it.


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