Jan 25, 2011 8:08 PM by Stephanie Collins

New social networking site makes your "LifeCount"

There's Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Foursquare, and now there's a new social networking site to add to the list. It's called LifeCount and Dave Reinhart, of Colorado Springs developed it.

His site has a unique twist compared to the others, it's all about your bucket list, "A place to write down what their bucket list items are, things they really want to accomplish in their life," Reinhart explains.

He came up with the concept for LifeCount while on vacation with his wife last summer. The site was put online for testing in October and in December it was opened up to everyone, "Over the last three months weve seen it grow to a few hundred users on the site," adds Reinhart.

One of those users is Rosie Good; she has her bucket list posted on the site and gets feedback and help from friends or followers, "They're just encouraging me to take the steps that I need to accomplish them, telling me I can do it, never anything negative," Good says.

LifeCount is all about sharing your life's goals and bringing your "LifeCount" up. You get points for adding things to your bucket list and for completing them by a deadline you set. Good says it pushes her forward and holds her more accountable to get things done.

It's a simple registration process to get going and the site even puts your first item on your bucket list for you, "Which is basically, get started with LifeCount," Reinhart says. And, in case your wondering, he adds that the most common things listed in users' bucket lists is to lose weight and travel.

If you want to check out LifeCount, click here.



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