Mar 22, 2012 6:36 PM by Lacey Steele

Chemical Depot Development Authority asks for community input

Twenty-three thousand acres, about half the size of the city of Pueblo, that's the size of the Pueblo Chemical Depot east of town.

As we've been reporting for several years now, they are in the process of destroying hundreds of thousands of World War II era chemical weapons, but then what?

We found out they're open to ideas.

"The redevelopment of the Pueblo Chemical Depot is one of the largest redevelopment projects in the country," said Russell DeSalvo, Executive Director of the Pueblo Depot Activity Development Authority.

Demilitarization will be complete in five to seven years, and around one thousand jobs could be lost.

To keep that from happening, they want to observe the needs and wants of the community.

"So it's very important that the community, community leaders, and the public come together to find suitable reuses for this property," said DeSalvo.

What is that property?

Hundreds of buildings, spacious warehouses, and millions of square feet for lease.

Some of that has already been leased to several people and organizations.

Then you have more than a thousand igloos that cover part of the landscape.

"Igloos that are about 2,000 square feet that are perfect for storage, dry storage," said DeSalvo.

Those igloos have concrete walls that are 18 inches thick, covered by two feet of earth, and sealed with a six-inch thick steel door.

They also have thousands of acres of land, which they hope to use for renewable energy.

"We think that this project is perfect for a utility-scale solar project," said DeSalvo.

They aren't just looking for ideas from Pueblo.

"We're really looking for input from Pueblo and Colorado Springs and all of Southern Colorado for ideas or contacts of organizations that might help us come up with a good reuse for this facility," said DeSalvo.

They say every idea will be considered, so be sure to send yours in.

To do so, you can either call 719-947-3770 or email



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