Dec 9, 2013 6:27 PM by David Randall

Children Pulled From Flames

SIOUX CENTER, Iowa - The items in the junk yard near Sioux Center, Iowa may be meaningless to some, but what's left of one 15-passenger van was hard for mother of two, Ellie Pieper to fathom.

"That was my kids inside there and all that is left is a steel shell. There is nothing left of it," Pieper said.

Friday afternoon, her children, Carlee and Jack, were riding in a van driven by babysitter, Tara Dekkers.

"We heard a pop, which had a backfire sound, I guess you'd call it. And, then very quickly the van filled up with smoke," Dekkers said.

Dekkers pulled the van over and unloaded her precious cargo, seven kids, ages one to six.

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