Jan 3, 2013 11:59 AM by Joe Bevans

Chinese drivers upset over light changes

BEIJING (AP) - In China, yellow is the new red. And that's not a fashion statement; it's a new law dealing with how people approach traffic intersections. In most parts of the world, green means go, red means stop - and yellow means floor it before the light turns red. But now, authorities in China have set up new rules that say running a yellow light is now the same as running a red. As you might imagine, drivers used to seeing yellow as a warning light are confused. And even the official Chinese news agency has criticized the new rules. One commentary says the new rules are "contrary to Newton's first law" about momentum. But officials say the new laws are necessary to reduce the number of road wrecks in China, due in part to bad driving habits and poorly maintained vehicles. One critic denounced those behind the new yellow light rules as "stupid and evil."


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