Apr 29, 2013 7:31 PM by Andy Koen

Cimarron interchage named a top priority

COLORADO SPRINGS - Funding for the $95 million Cimarron and I-25 Interchange project is coming together. The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments board voted Monday to "pre-apply" for about $42.5 in state RAMP and RAMP Asset Management funds.

The PPACG has already committed $52.5 million dollars to the project and named it as a top priorty. Robert MacDonald, Executive Director of the PPACG, says the board would like to get all of the money together before starting construction so that the work won't be interrupted.

"(This) step is one of several that have to take place, but the bottom line is that the Council of Government says this is a top regional priorty right now, and so we want to fullfill that $95 million project as soon as we can," MacDonald said.

C-DOT is expected to make its decsion early this fall. Construction could begin as early as 2014.

The board also requested another $19.9 million RAMP funds for 5 other major projects: the Fillmore and I-25 interchange, Powers Boulevard widening, Powers Blvd. & Old Ranch interchange, US 24 and Meridian intersection and the US 24 W. Business Route (No Man's Land) overhaul. The Pikes Peak Rural Transit Authority (PPRTA) has already committed $21.6 million to four of the five projects.


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