May 25, 2012 12:58 AM by Jacqui Heinrich

Circus proposal unites terminal cancer patient, high school sweetheart

The Ringling Brothers once said the joy of the circus is bringing magic into people's lives. For Phillip Wood, it couldn't be more true; he proposed to his high school sweetheart today at the Carson & Barnes circus in Woodland Park.

Wood, a former unicyclist, was diagnosed with terminal Leukemia at age 47. Divorced and penniless, he started looking for Hope Glade, his high school sweetheart. "She used to sit in front of me, she had hair down to her waist and I'd brush her hair every day...she's gone through my mind throughout my whole life. You don't forget someone like Hope. When all else failed I looked for hope," Wood told News 5 today.

Despite thirty years of separation, the stars aligned. "I searched on Facebook and she had just made her first account. I wrote to her and said I think you might be someone I loved a long time ago and she wrote back and I drove up to see her two days later. We've been together ever since," Wood said.

Wood asked Glade to be his wife in front of a cheering crowd; she said yes. Now they're making up for lost time and treating each day like it will be the last. "We take each day as it comes, try not to plan too far ahead. Today is the best gift."

The Colorado Springs community got to be a part of that happy ending; the Jewelry Box donated the engagement ring as a testament to the couple's true love.


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