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Mar 29, 2013 11:05 PM by Eric Ross

Citadel Mall not laughing over escalator helicopter stunt

A new type of stunt is going viral on YouTube.

Search "escalator helicopter" and several videos can be seen of teens filming themselves trying to master the trick.

A person lies on their back between two escalator belts. As long as two escalators are going in opposite directions, it's supposed to spin the person around like a helicopter.

Joe Szklarski, 18, decided to try the stunt at the Citadel Mall. As he tried to balance himself between the belts, his weight caved in and shattered the glass divider.

Damages are estimated at $3,700 which Szklarski will be expected to pay.

"If you come into the shopping center and you don't behave safely and don't behave within the code of conduct, there will be consequences to follow and you'll be held accountable for your actions," Jill Lace with Citadel Mall said Friday.

Calls to Szklarski for comment were not returned.



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