May 30, 2012 7:04 PM by Lacey Steele

"Citing on Paper" policy in Pueblo may be out for good

The tipping point for the Pueblo City Council with Jerry Pacheco was last week's minor hit and run accident he was involved in that he never reported to council.

Pueblo Police policy is also getting a second look from all this.

We found out one of those policies could be out.

"It's a policy after my initial review that I was concerned about," said Luis Velez, Pueblo's Chief of Police.

The policy is called "citing on paper," where the person at fault doesn't actually receive a ticket.

"I think it's a policy that has come to an end," said Chief Velez.

Part of the old policy means a citation number is written down, even when a citation isn't given, which is what happened in Pacheco's hit and run.

"To any normal citizen looking at that accident report, including myself, it looks like we issued a citation," said Chief Velez.

He says that creates confusion, but adds that doesn't mean Pacheco got favorable treatment because regular citizens have been cited on paper a lot.

The chief says generally a ticket should be issued, but not always.

"Now we need to develop a new policy on what our officers should do given these kinds of circumstances," said Chief Velez.

He says officers followed protocol by having a supervisor come out to the scene, and everyone agreed the damage was minimal being only a cracked license plate frame.

He's not sure why Pacheco didn't wait for police.

"It didn't happen in this instance for whatever reason, but I can't fathom a guess as to why," said Chief Velez.

He adds years ago, the department's heart was in the decision to create the "citing on paper" policy, but now, it has to go.

Several have questioned whether or not Pacheco could have been intoxicated and why nothing was done to find out.

Chief Velez says it took an hour and a half to track down Pacheco, so it was too late to run any tests for DUI.



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