Nov 17, 2011 7:16 PM by Andy Koen

City changes traffic signals at dangerous intersection

It's been a difficult month for A.J. McDavid. The Jenkins Middle School student was walking home earlier this month when he was hit by a car in the crosswalk at Austin Bluffs and Dublin.

McDavid was following the signals, but didn't see the car coming. His step dad DeWayne Bryant says A.J. suffered severe cuts on his hands and his pelvic bone was fractured in three places. A.J.'s doctor ordered him to bed rest for 6-8 weeks and Bryant says he still has nightmares and shakes when he sleeps.

But despite the initial trauma, A.J.'s recovery seems to be going well. "Everyday I just feel better," he said.

There have been two other reported accidents and countless near misses involving Jenkins students in that intersection already this year. Bryant thinks more should have been done to make the crossing safer before the accident.

"I think something should have happened way before when school was in session," Bryant said.

City Council Member Angela Dougan has pushed to speed up safety improvements. On Thursday, city workers changed the traffic signals to only allow left turns on a green arrow during school hours. They also began a study to determine whether a manned crossing guard is needed at the intersection.

"I am absolutely hoping this will make it safer, I hope it makes people realize not to scoot through on red lights, to really pay attention to when they're making the left turns at all intersections not just this one," Dougan said.

A.J.and his step dad hope a crossing guard is assigned there sooner rather than later. "If they can get a crossing guard out there after Christmas break, I'll be fine with that," Bryant said.

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    A.J. McDavid is recovering
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