May 10, 2012 12:32 AM by Jacqui Heinrich

Civil unions bill hits close to home

The ongoing debate over gay marriage and civil unions is hitting close to home for one Springs family. She's the daughter of same-sex partners- who have been together for 25 years- and she's calling for action from our legislators. But, her cries for equality are just as loud as conservative grooups who believe in marriage between a man and a woman.

"They've done so much for me my entire life and its not fair, its not fair to see them looked at like second class citizens, its not okay," Dreya Rathke told News 5 in an interview today.

Rathke grew up with two dads. Today she's married to a man, has a dental degree, and says she's living proof that kids who grow up in same-sex households can be 'normal'. "It was completely normal. I fell down and scraped my knee just like any other kid and between the two of them, one of them would pick me up." she says.

But her views aren't shared by everyone. "The government has a compelling interest to do everything it can to ensure that every child has a mother and a father because gender matters," Carrie Gordon Earll, a spokesperson for Focus on the Family told News 5. "Nature tries to tell us that- by giving us a mom and a dad, we all have one- that this is the design."

The fate of that family and others may soon be decided, as Governor Hickenlooper called today for a special session of the legislature in which Senate Bill 2 will be considered.



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