Mar 21, 2010 8:43 AM by John Romero

Class teaches teens emergency response skills

1:45pm... Crisis strikes Canon City High School. "Please help me!" screams one student, her arm broken and bleeding. Multiple students are injured after a car tears through the back lot. It's all part of Emergency Response final exam for a class of seniors. "It's a first act medical response team." explains Canon City HS senior Ryan Taylor, "You'd be the first on site if a disaster happened." "We had a bunch of classes." says senior Logan Hilburn, "We did CPR, we did first aid."

The class is designed to teach students how to respond in case of an emergency. It may all be staged, but the stress is very real. "I thought it was intense!" says Taylor. "It was pretty nerve racking!" Agrees Hilburn, "We didn't really know what we were coming in to."

All in all Hilburn, the captain, thought the team did well. "We did pretty good. We have a couple of things to work on but we can get those taken care of and be ready for the next scenario." But class and stress aside, it's still a good time. "It was fun!" laughs Taylor, "I liked it!"



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