Apr 28, 2012 7:39 PM by Lacey Steele

Cleanup continues in Wiley and Lamar

The tornado that touched down east of Lamar packed winds of 115 miles per hour and stayed on the ground for 12 miles.

In its path several homes, critical communications towers, and a power substation, all destroyed.

Near Wiley, a family says an EF-2 touched down, and their home was directly in its path.

The home of Greg and Cecilia Dowell is missing part of its roof, but we learned it could have been much worse.

Scattered for miles around their property you can see what's left of their shop, camper, and part of their home.

The family was still too shocked to speak to us on camera, but Cecilia did tell me she and her two teens were able to make it into the basement when the tornado hit.

Their father wasn't home at the time, and Cecilia only had to be checked out for bumps and bruises after being hit by some debris.

Saturday, ten to fifteen volunteers used their muscles and machines to help clean up.

"My son is in the same class with their son, and that's just what we try to do in southeast Colorado," said Kelly Roesch, who volunteered to help clean up. "Try to help eachother out and be good neighbors."

The tornado that touched down just east of Lamar not only knocked out power, it also took out a cell phone tower.

Those with Colorado Mobile say some Sprint customers may be having some minor interference in their service.

The tower was knocked completely to the ground.

"It's 420 feet and solid steel, and it twisted it up like a pretzel," said Craig Grice, who was checking out the damage for Colorado Mobile.

Crews were also working in this area to replace phone lines, but thankfully no major injuries or fatalities were reported in Lamar or Wiley.


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