Apr 24, 2010 9:26 PM by Matt Stafford

Close to the Springs, but far from similar

Nice weather for Colorado Springs doesn't always mean the same for the region.

"My people are telling me its just we down there and I can't believe it because we have a major snowstorm going on up here." says Joe Wuertz, an El Paso County plow driver Wuertz is not far from the Springs, in the Black Forest area, working to get these roads open.

"Right now in this area were experiencing drifting up to 7 feet," Wuertz says. "It's hard because of the wind. It keeps closing them up once we get them open."

The thick snow, typical to spring, makes the job tough on Wuertz too.

"When it's this wet and this moist this time of year, it's really, really heavy." Wuertz says.

The snow was weighing down and snapping many trees, some hitting power lines and knocking out power to more than a couple thousand people.

"We're hoping the worst is over," says Darryl Edwards, spokesperson for Mountain View Electric.

Nearly 2,500 people lost power, beginning around noon on Friday with the incoming storm. By Saturday afternoon, Edwards said all homes had power again.

The Wallace's power went out last night, but they got it back Saturday afternoon.

"First time we've had power out in probably about 8 years," says Dave Wallace, but it's definitely not the first time for snow in the area.

Wallace and his sons, Charlie and Sam, have become experts at digging out stuck cars. They helped a neighbor Saturday afternoon dig their car out of a snow drift. However, they don't plan on shoveling for long.

"Usually only lasts a day or so, then things get cleared up." Wallace says.

Until then, they'll just keep working.



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