Nov 23, 2013 8:19 PM by Zach Thaxton

Co. Springs woman punched in face after man jumps in back seat of car

A Colorado Springs woman was punched in the face early Sunday morning by a man who first got into the back seat of her parked car, then chased her when she ran off terrified.  Colorado Springs police say the incident happened downtown around 12:30 Sunday morning when 28-year-old Matthew Warren approached a woman's parked car at Kiowa and Tejon, then opened the car door, got in the back seat and told her to drive, otherwise he would harm her.  The startled woman got out of the car and ran off, but Warren chased her down and punched her in the face , according to police.  A nearby taxi driver was able to help police find Warren, who was arrested and charged with attempted kidnapping, among other crimes.  Colorado Springs police did not provide details about the woman's injuries, if any.


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