Jun 16, 2014 5:50 AM by Chelsea DeCesare

Colorado animal rescuers reach out after ban

DENVER - Colorado animal rescuers are rushing across state lines after the mayor of Roswell, New Mexico, put a ban on adoptions by pet local rescue groups from the city shelter.

The decision by Mayor Dennis Kintigh comes after three rescue dogs mauled a 9-year-old boy Wednesday.

Kintigh says the ban will not be lifted until an investigation by Chaves County Sheriff's Office deputies and city officials has finished.

Meanwhile, rescuers in Colorado have made the 1000 mile round-trip several times in the last few days, bringing back dozens of dogs to hopefully be adopted here.

Sunday, Ariella Wells, a volunteer transport organizer, arrived in Colorado after driving 13 dogs for more than 15 hours straight.

"To get them out is something that's pretty special to me," Wells says. "There's too many babies out there that need to get out, and need to be saved."

The majority of rescue dogs will live in foster homes until an adoption can be arranged. Rescuers say the lack of foster families is a challenge.



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