Jul 12, 2013 12:44 AM by Kirsten Bennett

Colorado leaders speak at U.S. House wildfire hearing

Thursday, a House subcommittee hearing focused on ways to reduce the risk of wildfires.

Among the speaker, a Colorado lawmaker and State Forest Service leader.

At the hearing, Joe Duda with Colorado State Forest Service said, "clearly, we can't afford to stay on the same path we've been in. It's unacceptable to citizens of Colorado and to everybody who enjoys national forests."

Representative Scott Tipton (R-Colorado) echoed Duda's sentiment. He offered up a solution, adding that "by taking action such as removing hazardous fuels like beetle killed timber and unnaturally dense undergrowth we would not only be able to allow our forests to thrive in natural healthy states but to be able to prevent future loss of life and destruction of property."

Late last month, Rep. Tipton introduced a resolution calling on the federal government to better address healthy forest management, including prescribed thinning and funding to fight and prevent wildfires.



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