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Feb 19, 2013 1:16 AM by Andy Koen

Colorado magazine maker threatens to move

ERIE, CO - A proposed law that passed the Colorado House of Representatives on a partyline vote Monday would it illegal to own or sell some of the high capacity ammunition magazines manufactured at Magpul Industries.

House Bill 1224 limits magazine capacity in the state to no more than 15 rounds. The law also has an amendment that would allow Magpul to continue their business here in the state, but company executives say staying in Colorado under such a restriction would damage their relationship with customers.

Magpul marketing director Duane Liptak told our media partners at 9 News in Denver they are not as concerned with the loss of sales in our state, as they are about the perception that doing business here would send.

"It would be seen as buckling on the values that we've hereto been a champion of and have been fighting very hard to maintain here in the state of Colorado," Liptak said.

The company makes the high-capacity magazines for military and civilian use. It employs about 200 people at their Erie facility, and have contracts with hundreds more throughout the state.
State Representative Joe Salazar, (D) Thornton disagrees.

He told 9 News, "no, it doesn't make them move. It gives them the option of staying. Anybody who says it's going to make them move obviously hasn't read the bill and hasn't read the language."

Salazar added that House Democrats worked with Magpul to craft the language of the amendment that would allow the company to continue to operate.


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