Mar 8, 2013 9:23 PM by Eric Ross

Colorado man says police department sold him stolen car at auction

Chad Bladow purchased a car he thought was clean, only to find out it was stolen.

So where was the car sold? Believe it or not, it was auctioned off by the Colorado Springs Police Department.

"To find out it was stolen was an absolute shock," Bladow said.

In December 2011, the vehicle was reported stolen from Cool Rides, an auto sales lot in the Springs.

A year later, the vehicle was pulled over during a traffic stop for having stolen plates.

The Wrangler was entered into two police data systems to confirm whether the vehicle was stolen in addition to the plates. However, the car came up clean. After being held in impound for four months, the vehicle was auctioned off.

It was after the sale that detectives learned the dealership had reported a missing Jeep Liberty, not a Wrangler. This caused the car to be labeled as "clean" when it was ran through both police systems.

After realizing an stolen car had been auctioned off, police called Bladow.

"They called and said because I'm in possession of stolen property, I needed to return it to the original owner," Bladow said.

If that wasn't bad enough, money problems soon surfaced.

"All of a sudden there's a large chunk of money taken out of one of our accounts," he said.

Since Bladow stilled owed roughly $6,000 on the car when authorities made contact with him, the bank froze those funds while police conducted their investigation.

The Wrangler technically belonged to Cool Rides, even though the vehicle had been sold to Bladow.

The dealership agreed to let Bladow keep the Jeep if he paid an additional $2,000--- the cost the dealership was out.

Bladow agreed.

Had the dealership not made a deal, Bladow would more than likely have had to file a case against the auction to obtain his $8,000 back.



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