Nov 12, 2009 1:40 PM by Bea Karnes

Colorado Springs senator explains his Tweet

A Colorado Springs state senator is drawing attention for a comment he made on Twitter about President Obama.

Sen. Dave Schultheis sent a Tweet Wednesday that read, "Don't for a second, think Obama wants what is best for US. He is flying the US plane right into the ground at full speed. Let's roll."

"Let's roll" were the final recorded words of passenger Todd Beamer on United flight 93, as passengers plotted to retake the plane after it had been hijacked on 9-11. According to Al-Qaeda operatives, the plane was to have crashed into Washington, DC. Instead, it went down in a field in Pennsylvania, killing all aboard.

Sen. Schultheis says he was thinking about that flight when he typed the message, but believes that critics are misinterpreting his intent, "My mind flipped back to those heroes on that flight. I thought those were heroes. They saw the plane going in a wrong direction, that was going to have serious consequences, and they took action."

In addition to criticism, Sen. Schultheis says he's received calls of support from his constituents.



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