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Apr 12, 2013 11:38 PM by Tony Spehar -

Colorado Springs targeted as tensions escalate with North Korea

Tensions continue to escalate between the United States and North Korea as concerns mount that North Korea intends to continue with a missile test and now Colorado Springs may be in the crosshairs.

For locals with relatives in South Korea, the situation has caused a lot of worry. Ramona Burns runs the Taste of Korea restaurant on Peterson Road, she came to the United States from her home in Seoul over 30-years ago and still has family living in South Korea.

"I have my oldest sister in Korea and her family," Burns explained.

Burns said she talks to her sister over the phone almost every day and can tell that while her sister puts a calm face on the situation there is a lot of concern in South Korea over what may happen in the coming days or weeks.

"Nobody knows but God," she said. "Really can't say what's going to be happening, never know what's going to be happening next morning, even next minute so (I'm) just hoping."

Leaders in the United States seem to be taking the tough rhetoric from North Korea more and more seriously, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in South Korea on Friday. On Thursday Colorado Springs Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn made national headlines during a committee meeting after citing an intelligence report claiming North Korea could mount a nuclear device on a missile. However, the White House has downplayed the threat of a nuclear missile saying there is no proof North Korea can build nuclear armed missiles.

But, if North Korea does have missiles that can reach within the United States they may be aiming them at Colorado Springs. One of the most recent propaganda videos posted by a North Korean government news service showed Colorado Springs among four cities targeted by North Korea. Though it was quickly pointed out that the location of Colorado Springs shown on the map in the video is off by about 1000-miles.

Regardless of how serious the threat from North Korea is, officials at NORAD said on Friday that they remain vigilant.

"We watch intelligence from all of our threat vectors very closely and clearly right now North Korea is one that we're watching very closely," explained Capt. Jeff Davis. "But we're very confident we have the ability to defend North America against any ballistic missile threats."

Ramona Burns said she isn't certain what the future holds for her home country, but her thoughts will be with her family over the coming days and weeks.

"Hopefully we pray and everything goes smoothly," she said. "Hopefully nobody gets hurt."


The video showing Colorado Springs as a target can be viewed at:


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