Dec 2, 2013 8:57 PM by Bill Folsom

Colorado Springs warming shelters prepare for cold blast

A foreboding forecast of extremely cold weather moving into Colorado has prompted action by aid groups working to help people who may not have adequate shelter. "To make sure no one's left out in the cold," said Springs Rescue Mission, CEO, Larry Yonker. Homeless advocates for example spread the word to the people they serve that dangerous weather is approaching and a plan to find cover is necessary. "We'll let them know they need to be thinking now to get into a place to stay."

News 5 Meteorologist, Stephen Bowers says there may be some snow, but you won't see the most extreme conditions, you will feel it. It is an arctic blast coming out of Siberia, across Alaska and Canada, then to here. "Not only are we going to need a coat later this week, we're going to need layers, several layers." It is cold even by Colorado standards.

"It is life and death. In fact we get with the Mayor's office and the city and the H.O.T (Homeless Outreach) team and we've just strategized this," said Yonker.
Local aid groups coordinate with each other and the city on a cold weather plan. When the temperature drops below 32 degrees there is a priority warming shelter system for the city. The Springs Rescue Mission on Las Vegas Street is the first option. Overflow is the Montgomery center up the road on Sierra Madre Street and the Lighthouse Church on Circle Drive.



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