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Nov 20, 2013 2:40 PM by Andy Koen

Commissioner denies preferential treatment

PUEBLO - She calls it the night that nothing happened. Pueblo County Commissioner Liane "Buffie" McFadyen spoke for the first time this morning about a scandal that broke two weeks ago.

She took about 25 minutes at the start of the Board of County Commissioners meeting to praise the county's accomplishments and to some degree to criticize the media our reports on her actions.

Back in January, Pueblo County Sheriff's Deputies pulled up on McFadyen and County Democratic Chair Ron Greenwell sitting her parked SUV in a remote area of Pueblo West. Both had been drinking and the deputies allowed them to call for a ride home. McFadyen released the deputy's incident report and dashboard camera video to the media November 5.

McFadyen began by touting her position as the only women currently elected to county office in Pueblo.

"Ginger Rogers could do everything Fred Astaire could, except she did it backwards and in high heals," she said.

She praised the board for overcoming a $104 million budget deficit, for getting money for highway construction and for passing regulations governing the sale of retail marijuana in the county.

"We're not only going to lead the state of Colorado, it's likely we will be leading the nation in the regulation of recreational marijuana," she said.

McFadyen took aim at the local news media casting them as outsiders.

"Not only do I think people in Pueblo know my name now, but I'm pretty sure commissioners, there are a few people in Colorado Springs that also know my name."

Toward the end of her comments, McFadyen explained her recent absences as a vacation that was booked around her son's football schedule. She was would have returned by Monday but was caught up in weather related flight delays that shut down Chicago O'Hare Airport over the weekend.

McFadyen was adamant she was not given special treatment by law enforcement.

"There was no preferential treatment, as said by the sheriff, no wrong doing, as said by the District Attorney of Pueblo County and I'm optimistic that the District Attorney in Colorado Springs will also concur that there was no wrong doing on the night that nothing happened."


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