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Nov 6, 2013 2:11 PM by Andy Koen

Commissioner released dash camera video

PUEBLO - County Commissioner Liane "Buffie" McFadyen personally released documents and dashboard camera video to the news media of her January 25 traffic stop in which deputies with the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office describe her and the Democratic Party Chairman Ron Greenwell too drunk to drive home from a parking lot in Pueblo West.

The vehicles were not running when the deputy pulled up, and McFadyen and Greenwell were allowed to call for a ride home. Charges were never filed.

In her letter, McFadyen indicates that she and Greenwell had been swimming at the Desert Reef Hot Springs in Florence with a group of friends that day and that one of those friends dropped them off at their cars.

"Certain untrue allegations have been made and I have decided that in the best interest of my children, the County and the citizens of this County to openly disclose the report and video to the organizations that have since requested it," McFadyen's letter reads.

In both the letter and the video, McFadyen admits to drinking a glass of wine. The deputy tells her not to drive home and to call to have someone pick her up.

Greenwell, who had been in the passenger seat of the vehicle, then said he would drive the two of them home. He told the deputy that he had not been drinking. The deputy then asked Greenwell to take a Breathalyzer test in which he registered a 0.10 blood alcohol level.

In the interest of transparency, News 5 has included the letter, incident report and video in their entirety for public review.

We have been in contact with Commissioner McFadyen, the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office and Democratic Party for comment on the incident. We will be posting updates on this story to throughout the day.


Statement from Pueblo County Sheriff's Office (from Facebook):

Facebook friends- In response to inquiries made concerning the actions of one of our deputies we offer the following... Law enforcement is not an assembly line of responses. It is most often an inquiry or response when life or property is in danger. Responding to a suspicious vehicle is a preliminary investigation and deputies are trained to make a corresponding judgment call based on the totality of the circumstances presented. A deputy may choose to take no action when the facts presented indicate there are no laws violated, there are no victims, no complainant and no eye witness account. It is a decision that falls within the deputy's discretion and in this case was not second guessed. In this 9 month old contact, it was actually three deputies who concluded the circumstances justified the response. The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office supports their decision.


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