Dec 27, 2011 9:24 PM by Matt Stafford

Community in shock after death of 5-year-old

A little girl is dead after finding her parent's loaded gun and accidentally shooting herself. It happened last night at a home on Diamondback Trail in the High Park Ranch subdivision.

5-year-old Ruth Joy Wilson was dead when investigators arrived Monday night, and it's a scene that still has deputies shaken the day after; some are still seeking counseling for what they saw.

"They found a five year old girl, deceased, with a gun shot wound to the head," explains Capt. Don Pinover, public information officer for the Fremont Co. Sheriff's Office.

Deputies say Wilson's parents were downstairs with their infant child when everything happened.

"It appeared that the girl had gone upstairs in the residence to the parent's bedroom, and there was a loaded handgun on the dresser or night stand," says Capt. Pinover. "(She) was looking at it, or playing with it when it went off."

"The parents heard the gunshot, they knew what had happened," says Capt. Pinover. "The grandparents, the whole family, showed up on scene and it was a pretty traumatic scene."

It was a scene that was tougher than usual for investigators, especially ones with young kids themselves.

"It hit the deputies pretty hard," says Capt. Pinover. "One deputy had to go home."

They've been getting help from a local pastor; the same one who helped the family last night. He says deputies are still asking to talk about the situation the day after.

The case has been forwarded to the District Attorney's office to determine if any charges should be filed. An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.


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