Feb 19, 2014 12:45 AM by Zach Thaxton

Community meeting on Kings Deer Golf Course closure

Members of the Kings Deer community in northern El Paso County packed the chapel at Tri-Lakes United Methodist Church in Monument Tuesday evening to hear possible options moving forward following the sudden closure of the Kings Deer Golf Course.  Representatives from Nebraska-based Exchange Bank spoke about the foreclosure on the course.  Some members of the Kings Deer community told News 5 that, despite the uncertainty regarding the future of the golf course and its potential impact on their property valued, they remain optimistic.  "My gut feeling is, moving forward, that the golf course will be here in the future and there will be a lot of golf in this community," said Kings Deer resident Karl Falk.  "The way I look at it, there's ten ways to skin a cat and it's just figuring out what's going to work best for the bank and what's going to work best for the community up here."  Kings Deer Homeowners Association board member David Compton shares the optimism.  "That course is as much a part of us as our home, so losing that would be like cutting off our right arm," Compton said.  "From (the bank's) standpoint, they've got a lot of money sunk into it.  They want to make sure it stays as high-value as possible for the next buyer that comes in."


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