Jul 12, 2014 5:27 PM by Greg Dingrando

Community steps up to help non-profit rocked by storms

HANOVER - A day of horse riding turned into a day of clean up for a local non profit.

The Youth Outreach Center in Hanover was hit hard by severe weather Friday and it left so much damage the group had to cancel it's riding lessons for kids on Saturday and it could be shut down for awhile.

"We had no idea we'd have that kind of wind. It just came out of no where," said Executive Director Terry Hooper.

The winds took down parts of the barn, mangled fences and tossed debris everywhere.

Hooper said he doesn't know if it was a tornado or not, but whatever it was he said it was strong.

"To think the wind could just take this metal bar and twist it. It just doesn't seem like its possible, but it did that while it was flying in the air," said Hooper.

The good news is all the of the horses are fine, even one that was in a tangled mess of fencing. However, the kids still weren't able to ride.

"With the debris all over the whole property like this it was unsafe with nails and screws that came out of the barn," said Hooper.

Instead, it was a day of clean up, but Hooper and his staff weren't alone.

Within hours of a post on their website people started showing up to help. Some were friends, but others were total strangers.

"They give back a lot to the community and its time the community give to them," said Ralph Moreman, who drove all the way from Colorado Springs.

Just the kind of attitude the small non profit needed because even though they're small, Hooper said they make a big difference in the lives of a lot of troubled kids.

"We measure success out here by the smiles on people's faces. That's where its at," said Hooper.

If you'd like to help there's several ways you can do it: cash donations, volunteer your time by helping clean up, and they're even taking can donations at a few drop locations in Colorado Springs.

For more information on how to help the Youth Outreach Center go to their website -



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