Nov 11, 2009 5:44 PM by Tracie Potts

Companies vow to deliver more H1N1 vaccine

As Southern Colorado residents scramble for H1N1 swine flu vaccine, there's progress to report in getting more vaccine out to the public.

The FDA has ok'd another version of the vaccine and that company promises to get out more than seven million doses by the end of next month.

Whether there are delays, depends on whom you ask.

People standing in long lines and even the government say there's not enough vaccine yet.

But some manufacturers insist they're actually ahead of schedule.

If you're standing in line for swine flu vaccine the CDC says don't give up.

"We have twice as much vaccine right now as we did two weeks ago, and the pace is really picking up," said the CDC's Dr. Anne Schuchat.

41 million doses have been made.

That's less than a fifth of what's expected.

Glaxo Smith Kline just got the FDA's ok to release some seven-and-a-half million new doses.

Those will be ready in December.

Sanofi Pasteur, America's largest manufacturer, reports more safety data with no problems.

It promises to complete production by year's end.

"We're able to not only meet the projections, but now we have exceeded them and are well on track to deliver the full 75 million for the government," said Sanofi Pasteur's Dr. Sam Lee.

Novartis' CEO says they're working quickly, but expectations were too high.

"I would say there probably has been a delay compared to expectations but not a delay within production. We have produced as fast as we could," said CEO Andrin Oswald.

But not fast enough for the hundreds of Americans who died.

The National Institutes of Health is studying how H1N1 affects the lungs in hopes of identifying the sickest patients before they end up in the hospital.
"These findings may alert very early on in the process that this patient could have a more severe complication from the h1n1 infection," said Dr. Daniel Mollura of the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

For now, the government says vaccine's your best bet to fight the flu.

One poll found people who want the vaccine and can't find it, aren't giving up.

90 percent who had trouble finding it the first time say they'll look again.



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