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Jul 9, 2013 7:16 PM by Maddie Garrett

Company helps Black Forest fire victims with costly clean up

Before people can start rebuilding in Black Forest, they have to clean up. That can cost thousands of dollars, and many people are paying out of pocket for it either because they don't have insurance or are waiting on claims.

But a Colorado Springs company is trying to lift some of the burden for fire victims, by offering their services free of charge.

Colorado Industrial Recycling is dropping off its big blue bins to people's properties where the homeowner can fill them up with scrap metal, and then the company hauls it off. They sell or recycle the metal, and give all of the money right back to the homeowner.

"We're just trying to help as much as we can. We are very blessed we have one homeowner who has lost everything and he's helping us help his neighbors," said Karla Greenley with Colorado Industrial Recycling.

That man is James Vialpando.

"We just do what we can, and we're here, this is home. We can help, when we can help we help. We're helping each other, helping neighbors," said Vialpando.

His family is known in Black Forest, in all they have six homes there. Five of them burned, including his own. They say the recycling company and its owners have helped tremendously.

"It's been so hard mentally, not only mentally but physically, it's been a nightmare really. With the company's help it's been really really helpful," said Vialpadno's sister, Bonnie Kruse.

The cost of the fire is dear both financially and emotionally. But Vialpando and his family are finding a fresh start in all they've lost.

"It's terrible, it's incredible," said Vialpando. "Truthfully it's an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings."

There is an account set up to help the Vialpando family at Academy Bank, inside the Wal-Mart on Razorback Rd in Colorado Springs.

You can also contact Colorado Industrial Recycling if you'd like for them to help recycle metal or remove burned cars, at (719)390-9500.



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