Nov 23, 2010 10:39 PM by Jeannette Hynes

Complaint filed against TSA in Colorado Springs

One woman traveling through the Colorado Springs Airport says when she was patted down at the security checkpoint, it went too far. Karen Bubb has filed a formal complaint against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), according to Colorado Springs Airport Director Mark Earle.

Bubb was traveling through the airport on her way to Oklahoma November 8, a little over a week after TSA put the new patdown procedure in place. Earle says it will be up to local TSA agents to handle any investigation.

Earle adds the airport has received a few complaints.

"We were really expecting a lot more in this case, because the patdown procedure is so invasive, but it has been far less than expected," remarks Earle.

He says any time TSA has made changes, people have complained, but many passengers are tolerating this new inconvenience.

"It's a little bit of a delay and a little bit of a timing issue, but that's all," says Gary Condon.

"If it's about saving lives, no problem. Let's do what we need to do and keep our country safe," says Pauline Jones.

Many parents worry about patdowns on their children. TSA reminds parents to make sure to check their child's pockets before they go through the metal detector. If a patdown is needed, it is modified for anyone 12 years or younger.

To guide people through the security process, people who own iphones can download a free app called MyTSA to let them know how long the security wait is at airports and what is and isn't allowed through the security checkpoint. To get MyTSA on another mobile device, type in into the browser.



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