Jun 5, 2013 10:11 AM by Maddie Garrett

Controversial signs add fuel to the fire in Giron recall efforts

Both sides of the recall effort against Democratic Senator Angela Giron are setting the record straight concerning more controversy being stirred up about the recall. Adding fuel to the fire were two men who were seen Monday in Pueblo, holding up what some would call inflammatory signs, referencing Giron to a communist and a Marxist.

But as each side condemns the two sign holders, those "for" and "against" Giron are ramping up efforts before signatures for the recall are due on Monday.

On Tuesday, signatures continued to come in for Pueblo Freedom and Rights group, the organization behind the recall efforts of Senator Giron. The group is upset over Giron's role in passing new gun regulations.

But group leader Victor head said the controversial signage was not from their group.

"I know they're not part of our core group. They definitely have the right to free speech, they can stand out there and support whoever they want but we don't condone it," said Pueblo Freedom and Rights leader Victor Head.

Whether the two sign holders support their cause or not, it's not the message the group is trying to send out.

"Pueblo told her (Giron) not to vote for gun laws and she voted for them, so that's the reason for the recall. So that's why they don't represent PFR that's not our message at all, I don't really care what affiliation or what they're comparing her to," said Head.

The controversial sign holders weren't out at the same spot on Tuesday, at the corner of 4th and Bariendo. And no one seems to know who they are, or what they support.

But after KOAA posted their picture on Facebook, some pointed the finger at Giron supporters who might be attempting to paint Pueblo Freedom and Rights in a negative light.

Some of the comments from KOAA's Facebook page read:

"I think these are Giron supporters in their own twisted way trying to make PFR look bad. PFR doesn't have to stoop to the low level tactics that the Giron supporters are using."

"I'd bet just about anything that these ding dongs are part of Girons ridiculous party too make PFR look bad!!!"

"Those two. Are actually on "the payroll". They are dems playing underhanded politics trying to derail the recall effort."

When asked about the controversial signs, Pueblo United for Angela said they had nothing to do with it.

"We had some volunteers calling the office, they were pretty disturbed about it. But they're not affiliated with us," said campaign manager Christopher Shallow. "They're not paid by Pueblo United for Angela."

Giron's supporters are doing whatever they can to get their message out, and quell the recall efforts.

"Make sure they think about what they're signing, understand what they're signing, Angela Giron does not want to take away your guns," said Shallow.

Those for the recall say they're gaining ground.

"Very confident we'll have enough signatures," Head said.

Pueblo Freedom and Rights has until Monday to turn in the signatures for the recall petition. The group needs 11,285 signatures from Giron's district to qualify for a recall election.



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