Apr 14, 2010 12:17 AM by David Ortiviz

Coors vs. Sunset, who makes the best slopper?

Two restaurants are facing off this week for the title, best slopper in Pueblo. As we told you Monday, the Travel Channel is featuring the Sunset Inn and Gray's Coors Tavern in an upcoming episode of Food Wars.

It's a slopper showdown! In one corner, Coors. "You know the taste, the chile, the way they set the fries on top, I just love everything about it," said Maxine Price, a Coors Tavern customer.

In the other corner the 'Set. "It's got all this meat, all this chile and Pueblo we know is very serious about their chile. You know we have knock-down drag out wars about this stuff," said Jill Michaels, a Sunset Inn customer.

She's not kidding, this fierce food rivalry comes to a boil in late May, for an episode of the Travel Channel's Food Wars! With host Camille Ford as a ref, sizzling burgers turned to sloppers, and hungry fans, it's an all out smackdown, for the best green chile burger in Pueblo.

So what sets them apart? At the Sunset, their slopper is a 3/4 pound patty, cheese on top, a giant bun, and it's smothered in green chile. "You have to split it with a friend cause it's too big," said Michaels. "The chile gives the cheeseburger a certain flavor that you can't find any where else," said Michael Feliciano, a Sunset Inn customer.

At Coors, they serve an open face slopper, two patties, cheese, green chile, large pieces of pork, and you can even add crackers. "The green chile's the best," said Mawrla Lee. "Once you have one, you'll want another one," said Angel Hall, a Coors Tavern customer.

With the national spotlight shining down on their food, both restaurants are already seeing a surge in orders. "Our business has just not stopped," said Chuck Chavez, owner of the Sunset Inn.

Still both sides are hoping for the knock-out and the title, Slopper Champion! "We want to win it, face down," said Gary Gray, co-owner of Gray's Coors Tavern.

The big slopper showdown is Wednesday night. The Food Channel hosts a tasting challenge from 4:30-9p.m. at the Union Depot.
Hungry fans are welcome, and our own Mike Daniels will be helping as a food judge.

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