Jul 14, 2014 9:12 PM by Lena Howland

Cotopaxi recovers after flood destruction

High waters rushed through the small town of Cotopaxi, west of Canon City, is cleaning up after this weekend's flooding.

"It came down faster than I expected it to be, I figured it'd let up but it didn't let up at all, I mean it just kept coming and coming and coming," Gary Paprocki, a Cotopaxi resident said.

Destroying roads, driveways and fences along the way.

"Kind of went down the road, we had boulders bigger than basketballs out here, it was pretty crazy. The roads washed out down the road, big holes, the neighbors have a big culvert coming out of the ground, has no driveway left," Lance Thompson, a visitor from Texas said.

The roads were crumbling on the edges as cars drove by on Monday afternoon.

"We're going to need a new road out here, there's no doubt. There's half the roads missing down the road a couple miles and I know they're definitely going to have to re-do every ditch out here, there's nothing but sand through all of our ditches, the culverts are all clogged up," Thompson said.

"They need to fix this thing proper out here, this ditch, this pipe, that comes through here, it ain't big enough to handle the volume because we get these golly-washers every couple of years," George York, a Cotopaxi resident said.

But so far, neighbors say the county hasn't done much to fix the problem.

"They put, as you can see behind me, two cones and that's about all we saw, that's about all we've seen and it's mid-afternoon on Monday.

As for now... locals tell us they still have a long road of cleanup ahead.

"A neighbor a couple houses down had his garage and his shop flooded, had to rip all of his carpet out and stuff. It's a mess and there's going to be a lot of work to kind of get it back," Thompson said.

No one was injured in Saturday's flood.





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