Mar 26, 2012 12:35 PM by Kirsten Bennett

Could you be sued for "Pinning?"

The sudden explosion in popularity of the social website Pinterest has some legal minds a bit concerned about what the law allows when it comes to pinning photographs from anywhere on the Internet.

If you haven't yet logged on, Pinterest is all about pinning pictures online of those things you just happen to find interesting at the moment.

"If I say 'Wow, this is the greatest pizza I ever had and I put up a picture of a pizza," says Brian Cooley from, adding that, "Whether I took it or it comes off the restaurant website, I kinda told you the whole story right there."

The problem comes when posting pictures from other websites. Steve Eder, a legal correspondent with the Wall Street Journal says this new site leaves a lot of unknowns.

"A lot of this is very unclear, it's very gray, it's a very new technology, a brand new social media site now," Eder said.

After talking with several lawyers about the potential legal ramifications, Eder says many say most companies probably won't take the time to sue if one of their photos is pinned, as long as your aren't trying to profit off that photo.

Still, Eder says the safest way to post pictures anywhere online is to use only those you took.

"If it's your work, your photo, your content, you can feel really comfortable posting that type of material without having to worry," Eder said, adding that even a picture of a picture is safe if you are the one that took it.


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