Jan 18, 2013 8:49 PM by Eric Ross

Counterfeit $100 bills circulating around Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Police are alerting restaurants about a group people using counterfeit bills to pay their tab.

Early Friday morning, the Rabbit Hole restaurant on N. Tejon was bilked out of more than $200.

"They were dressed very nice," owner Joe Campana said. "They played the part and tried to fool the waitress and that's what they did."

They racked up a $220 tab and paid with 3 $100 bills.

"They were actually a $1 bill," Campana said.

Taking a closer look at the counterfeit money, you can see a washed out $1 bill had been altered to resemble a $100 bill. By the time the waitress realized the money was fake, the group was long gone. Officers interviewed witnesses and dusted the table for fingerprints with no luck.

While Campana will eat up the tab, it's the waitress who relies on tips who suffers the most.

"My waitress has a kid and she works hard," Campana said. "It's tough to watch people do that and don't care and don't have a heart. It's sad to see."

Campana said he'll compensate the waitress the 20-percent tip she didn't receive.

He now hopes police will make an arrest soon before it happens again.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Crimestoppers at 634-STOP.



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