Sep 17, 2013 6:50 PM by Andy Koen

County Clerk: 268 used same-day registration in recall vote

COLORADO SPRINGS - Some 268 people El Paso County used the new same-day voter registration provision to cast ballots in the recall special election of Colorado State Senator John Morse. El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Wayne Williams reports that 163 of those individuals were new residents to the State of Colorado. The other 105 hand changed their address from outside of El Paso County to Senate District 11.

Williams has prepared letters welcoming each of the new voters to the county that contain information on how to change driver license and motor vehicle registrations. The same-day registration provision was established in House Bill 1303 which was passed May 10 and signed by Governor Hickenlooper on May 28.

The law drew criticism from conservative groups like the Independence Institute as opening a door for voter fraud by accommodating so-called "gyspy" voters who might temporarily relocate to a district just before an election in order to sway the outcome.

To prove the point, Independence Institute President Jon Caldera of Boulder used same-day registration to receive a ballot in the election. The stunt sparked a call by the liberal group Progress Now Colorado to have Caldera prosecuted for voter fraud.

Williams adds that a post-election audit found the election equipment used in his county to be 100 percent accurate. The canvass of the September 10 election is expected to be complete on Friday.

Sen. Morse was recalled by an unofficial 343 vote margin. State Senator Angela Giron was also recalled in a special election in Pueblo County by an unofficial 4,154 vote margin.

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