Sep 28, 2011 7:10 PM by Stephanie Collins

Credit card fraud hits Teller County residents

Several people in Teller County have fallen victim to credit card fraud, among the victims the Sheriff and some of his employees. They believe the scammers are on the East Coast but aren't sure yet how they're getting the credit card numbers.

For more than a week now the Sheriff's Office has received several reports of credit card fraud, so Sheriff Mike Ensminger wasn't exactly surprised to find a fraudulent charge on his account. He says someone made a Facebook page and linked his account to it, racking up $125 worth of charges.

Sheriff Ensminger says most of the people who have had their account numbers stolen are in the Divide area, "They're getting credit card numbers and either reproducing the credit card or using the credit card to charge telephonically, charge over the line, or online on a computer," he explains.

Three other employees at the Sheriff's Office have also noticed fraudulent charges, but besides being from Teller County, the Sheriff says the victims appear to be random," It doesn't discriminate, credit card fraud, they don't care who the person is or what the person represents, they're all about the number," adds Ensminger.

From here the Sheriff says they'll be working to identify all the victims. They're also contacting other law enforcement agencies, to see if they're experiencing anything like this.

As for advice, the Sheriff says you can't check your account enough. Be aware of every charge and keep track of your balance. If you think you're a victim of credit card fraud, call your bank to verify it first, and then call law enforcement. If you're in Teller County, call 719-687-9652.



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