Feb 16, 2011 12:21 AM by John Romero

Crime scene photo leaked by prison staff member

On Saturday evening just before midnight, chaos broke out at the Sterling Correctional Facility. Inmate Cleveland Flood was assaulted by at least one other inmate.

"He subsequently died and our staff found him," explains Katherine Sanguinetti, spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Corrections.

Since then a graphic photo from the crime scene has been leaked to the media. At first glance it could be from a cell phone, but a date stamp on the bottom tells a different story.

"It is a crime scene photo that belongs to the State of Colorado," says Sanguinetti. "It was taken as part of our investigation."

Seemingly someone from the Department of Corrections sent out the photo which is supposed to be classified.

"The fact that someone decided to send it out is definitely a security breach and that in of itself is now being investigated," says the spokeswoman.

The State D.O.C. says so far they have no idea who would leak a picture like this. But Sanguinetti explains it's something they're not taking lightly.

"It is definitely a lack of professionalism and possibly is going to have some severe consequences for the staff member that did it," she explains.



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