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Oct 31, 2012 11:05 AM by Marissa Torres

Critical health tests for men

Ladies, think for a moment about the men in your life. Are they reluctant to go to the doctor for routine tests? Afraid of what they might discover? We're now learning how that hesitation can have serious consequences.

By the time men hit their 30s, a trip to the doctor should be an annual routine, but it's not just about your basic check up.

"The worst part is conventional tests could still let the 85% walk of here thinking they are okay," says Dr. John Ott.

A standard checklist at age 30 includes a cholesterol test and a a look at the thyroid, a screening for skin cancer since it occurs in men more than women, and a testicular exam because this cancer usually occurs before the age of 40.

Dr. Ott says in the 30s, the name of the game is prevention, making sure the body is working efficiently. He also suggests men add micro-nutrient test to see what vitamins and minerals your body is absorbing.

"You can assume at 30 you're looking at preventing aging; at age 40 you starting repairing what aging has occurred."

40 is also the time you'll want to add blood pressure and diabetes screening to the mix, as well as look at vitamin D. The body doesn't collect it as well after 40.

10 more years, and the same tests apply, but now add hearing and colon checks along with screenings for bladder and prostate cancer. Age 50 is also a good time to do a Telemeres test; a look at aging on the DNA level which helps lay out a plan to compensate for bad genetics.

Dr. Ott says the 60s can't be ignored either. Men should have the same tests as the 50s, plus a bone density test and an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening.



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