Mar 4, 2013 8:39 PM by Bill Folsom

Crowds fill Colorado's capitol building to testify on gun control

Committee hearings for seven proposed gun control bills attracted huge crowds and caused a lot of commotion at Colorado's capitol Monday. Hundreds of people showed up hours in advance of the scheduled start time to sign up to testify.

As usual there were lobbyists and experts testifying, but the majority of the people wanting to speak are average citizens who took the day off to make sure their voices are heard. "This issue, it's the one. I'm passionate about a lot of topics and this is one of the topics I believe I had to come out and speak out against," said Jeff Johnson from Black Forest. He thinks the Democratic majority is pushing through their agenda and not listening to the voice of the people. Patricia Taylor who is from northern Colorado supports the measures. "I just am stunned that people would object to a lot of thee bills because they make sense and they're about safety. And they do not infringe on the 2nd Amendment." She is originally from Connecticut and knows families with kids who went to Sandy Hook Elementary.

Even though the number of people who showed up to rally against the proposed measures outnumbered supporters by a large margin the bills passed on party lines. They now go to the full Senate for debate.



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